Town Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP Objective

The Town of Parker is committed to the creation of economic vitality and sustainability through the recruitment of new business, retention of existing businesses and development, thus enhancing a robust economic base, current, and future, for the community.  Parker recognizes the value of providing economic development assistance to companies relocating or expanding in the Town.  Listed below are general values by which the Tax and Fee Assistance Program (TAP) may be considered for each project.

TAP Values

  • Brings high quality development
  • Attracts or retains primary employment to the Town
  • Attracts or retains sales tax to the Town
  • Promotes higher education
  • Utilizes an existing building(s) thus reducing vacant space in the Town
  • Complements existing Parker businesses (i.e. buyer or supplier that serves and existing business in the Town)
  • Represents redevelopment or revitalization in the Town
  • Creates or enhances a vibrant and unique downtown
  • Represents job diversity in a targeted industry sector
  • Represents an emerging industry
  • Represents retail diversity
  • Brings a value added result to the Town (i.e. moves the company's corporate headquarters to Parker)
  • Grows and expands an existing business in Parker

TAP Tools

The Town offers economic development assistance tools for businesses looking to relocate or expand in Parker. Understanding that each business may vary in the type of assistance needed and each situation may differ; staff customizes all economic development assistance to the needs of the company and/or situation.  TAP includes:

  • Rebates on permit fees and/or construction use tax
  • Rebates on incremental sales tax

The Town of Parker believes economic development assistance to be significant in remaining competitive in attracting and retaining quality businesses and development to the Town.  Using  TAP, Parker can remain competitive, while safeguarding the funds used to assist companies in their location decision, resulting in an economically viable and sustainable community.

Please email the Economic Development Team for an application or additional details on the TAP program.