Enterprise Zone Application Process

  1. Each income tax year, a business located in an EZ must apply and be Pre‐certified prior to beginning an activity to earn any of the business tax credits listed in the previous table. Pre-Certification User Guide

  2. At the end of the income tax year, a business must Certify that the activities were performed. Certification User Guide

Pre‐certification and Certification are applied for online and can be accessed here. Parker's Enterprise Zone is located within the South Metro Enterprise Zone.

Commercial Vehicle Investment Tax Credit

A business must complete a pre-certification application and be approved by the EZ Administrator before purchasing a commercial vehicle. Pre-certify online or submit the Commercial Vehicle Pre-certification Paper Form to your local administrator. Pre-certification covers a single tax year.

A business must purchase a qualifying commercial vehicle after pre-certification approval.

A business may then complete the Commercial Vehicle Application via paper form and submit it to OEDIT.

Applications and Additional Information:  www.advancecolorado.com/ez

Please Note:

  • There is no ability to pre-date a Pre-certification Application. For each business income tax year, the business's eligibility to claim EZ credits is from the point of approved pre-certification or the start of the income tax year, whichever is later, through the end of the income tax year entered by the user.
  • Electronic application for EZ Pre-certification and Certification are standard except for specific EZ credits noted above or on the Tax Credit Resources page. 
  • Electronic filing of State Income Tax is generally required. The Certification form(s) and DR 1366 for EZ tax credits must be attached to the electronic filing. If one's e-file software does not support these attachments, they may be submitted through Revenue Online using the E-Filer Attachment option. Failure to include form DR 1366 may result in the enterprise zone credits being denied. [39-30-111, C.R.S.] For an electronic filing hardship exception, call 303-238-7378.

Contact the Colorado Department of Revenue for questions about filing and forms at 303-238-7378.