Becoming 'a different kind of place' in Parker

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Teresa Engel opened her dream business in downtown Parker in 2012. Since then, Engel has turned Vines Wine Bar and Bistro into a staple of Parker's downtown scene.

Hundreds visited the restaurant daily before the pandemic. The corner of Victorian Drive and East Mainstreet became one of the most popular places in town to gather and drink. In any other year, Vines' wraparound outdoor patio would be packed with wine drinkers almost every evening.

But Engel has not slept much the past two months. In order to keep the lights on, Vines began offering different food specials, selling $5 hamburgers and making cocktails to go. Perviously, take-out made up less than 1% of Vines' bottom line, Engel said. Starting March 17, take-out became 100% of the restaurant's revenue source. Vines has lost about 75% of its business.

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