Parker: A Link to Growth & Profits

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

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For Bill Syddall, president and owner of ALINK Insurance Services®, the Town of Parker was the launching pad that took his business to the next level. “Since moving to Parker, I started to experience better profit-margin growth,” explains Syddall. “I can attribute that to being in the Parker community where there’s a huge pool of products and services, and more affluent property and business owners.” 

Syddall moved his insurance company from Aurora, Colorado, another Denver suburb, to Parker about three and a half years ago. ALINK Insurance Services is a full service, independent agency that tailors auto, home, business and life insurance products to individuals and businesses in Colorado and surrounding states. Syddall describes his business’ previous home as an “out-of-the-way” office building that felt unconnected to any business or social infrastructure. In Parker, Syddall and his staff have access to more networking, both structured and organic. Consequently, ALINK has grown its customer base and earns a much higher ROI on its Parker clientele, where more than 55% of the residents earn household incomes above $100,000. “From an insurance-industry perspective, Parker has large, growing populations in both the business and residential sectors with medium to high incomes,” Syddall reflects. “It’s a key client base for us to have.”

Making Connections

Parker’s geography works well for Syddall and his 12 employees, too. Some of the company’s clients are located outside of Parker, scattered across the front range. ALINK is adjacent to the I-25 corridor for easy access to clients both north and south of the Denver metro area. Syddall has used the nearby light rail to quickly get around the Denver suburbs. Plus, he values nearby E-470 to avoid the main corridor during peak traffic times and “skip around to Fort Collins.”  

Finding A Work-Life Balance

In addition to relocating his business to Parker, Syddall and his wife and five children have lived in the Town of Parker for 15 years. “It’s a great place to live,” states Syddall. “If you like trails, the outdoors and family-centric activities, Parker has it.” While his kids are now grown, he remembers all the various recreational clubs, sports and cultural activities that kept his children entertained and enriched. 

“What I really enjoyed about living in Parker was getting out with the family on miles and miles of biking trails, and walking to parks,” recalls Syddall. “The HOAs maintain the high standard of living for all the families. These mitigate the normal wear ’n’ tear as communities age.

“Parker has a small-town culture with big-city amenities that is very dynamic,” sums up Syddall. He found reasons to love Parker, both professional and personal. “The workforce is highly educated. And the other demographics of Parker and Douglas County were very appealing. And I knew I’d find a lot of customers that fit my niche.” Syddall sees the town and its central location as “an excellent place to start and launch businesses” because of the growth. Plus, he knows firsthand that the Town of Parker is also a lovely spot to raise a family.

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