Parker is Developer Ready!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

downtownBrinkman, a real estate and investment company, chose to invest in Parker because of its adjacency to Denver, quality of life and demographics. “Parker has terrific demographics that cause Parker to rise above other Colorado communities who may have a larger population, but the quality of life and average incomes are not as high,” said Kevin Brinkman, Brinkman’s CEO.

Brinkman purchased the Springhill Suites by Marriott for its proximity to two hospitals, E-470 and Parker Road. “The Parker Marriott fits nicely with our hotel portfolio. We made a significant investment in the community and are considering future development opportunities,” said Brinkman.

The firm is a community-based developer who likes projects that enhance a community’s quality of life while addressing a clear need. “Given the chance, we would develop multi-family properties all day long in Parker. This would serve the growing demographic of people who aren’t ready or interested in buying a home and want to live somewhere with high-end amenities. Our properties are attractive to a wide variety of people, ranging from recent college graduates to busy professionals, and retirees seeking the type of active lifestyle Parker provides,” said Brinkman. Brinkman’s mixed-use properties typically include ground floor units where professionals can serve their customers on the street side while living in an attached apartment. Brinkman said, “We seek to create a vibrant street front that draws people to the area. Parker is an excellent place for this type of development because they have a strong sense of community and a high quality of life. Residents like the idea of being able to live and work somewhere vibrant.” Parker has maintained its vibrancy by investing heavily in outdoor parks and recreation, ensuring that residents enjoy numerous opportunities to be active.

Parker is Ready for Development

Parker’s location on the edge of Denver makes it incredibly attractive for developers looking to move farther south. Parker is growing and offers a logical alternative to developing within Denver proper, something that appeals to companies like Brinkman who prefer to stay out of the downtown core.

Developers appreciate Parker’s high level of preparedness of new development. “What Parker has done well is put together their public-private plan. You can understand the rules of engagement from the very beginning. They have good and descriptive government programs that make it clear what they and the community would like to see. I wish more cities would follow their lead. When I walked in and asked questions, I received all of their documents and I was impressed by the work that had been done,” said Brinkman.

This preparation makes it easier for developers and investors to do business in Parker. It also ensures that the town can move quickly on opportunities. Using the plans laid out by Parker they can enter into public-private partnerships to make development projects a reality.

We encourage developers to consider Parker for its well-thought-out plans, the potential for public-private partnerships, it’s adjacency to Denver, access to I-25 and E-470 and the ability to reach the Denver International Airport within 30-minutes. Combined, these assets make Parker the home of unbridled opportunity and the ideal location to invest and grow.

Contact us to learn more about developing in Parker, and to discover why 7 out of 9 Fortune 500 companies call South Denver home.

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