Entrepreneurs are Attracted to Parker's Strong Sense of Place

Monday, November 12, 2018


When choosing a location for a startup, entrepreneurs have a lot to consider. Population, infrastructure and available properties are all important characteristics. But destinations with a strong sense of place — where entrepreneurs can live and work and their companies can make a difference — stand out from the rest.


Parker, Colorado is that type of destination. It’s 30 minutes from Denver International Airport (DIA) and just around the corner from Denver, yet has its own distinct character and charm. Entrepreneurs and business owners have the opportunity to make their mark, to get noticed and to make a difference in the community’s business and cultural ecosystem. Businesses are actively supported and recognized for their contributions rather than being lost in the crowd.


Jennifer Maskrey found fertile grounds to establish Global Tek Labs, a successful Apple IOS certification and testing company, in Parker. The tech innovator, who refers to herself as an optimistic entrepreneur, has long been creating her own opportunities here.


“This is such an easy place to do business,” Maskrey says. “The reason my technology company has done so well here is I have developed a full manufacturing ecosystem for my hardware company here. I don’t have to go offshore. I don’t have to go to other states. Everything I need is right here in the Parker area.”


Likewise, Kirk Webster found the right recipe for business success in Parker. At the age of 50, the avid cyclist took a big risk. He changed careers and opened Creekside Bicycles, a high end road bike shop.


Webster credits the town and the people for providing an encouraging atmosphere for business, and notes the city and its economic development leaders have provided him with important guidance that helped the company grow and succeed.


“I can say from nearly a decade of living and working here, Parker has the community to support our business,” he says. “Great customers. A growing, healthy, vibrant community. I think those things have combined to help us see the growth that we’ve experienced.”


A vibrant and active community.


The town prides itself on having a hometown feel with year-round outdoor recreational activities and cultural and community events. Many people appreciate that they can go for a walk on their lunch break, hold meetings in a local park and get the entire office to participate in Bike to Work Day. With major events like the Stars and Stripes Celebration and the Mayor’s Holiday Lighting, there is always something fun to do in Parker. It’s an excellent location for anyone seeking more than an office address.


It’s easy to make your mark in Parker.


There are abundant opportunities to volunteer, participate in community events and to leave your mark in Parker. Entrepreneurs who prioritize corporate citizenship will find a welcome home in Parker, with other business leaders and citizens who are also looking to make a difference. Over 10,000 volunteers have registered with VolunteerConnectDC.org and used this resource to get matched with community organizations in need of their time and skills.

Come discover what makes Parker so special.


There is unbridled opportunity in Parker, Colorado. We invite you to contact us, schedule a tour and come discover the strong sense of place that makes Parker an ideal destination to locate your business.

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