Companies Are Heading to Denver in Search of Tech Talent

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Established tech companies and start-ups are moving to the Denver MSA, in part, to recruit and hire top talent. Commercial real estate firm CBRE recently ranked the best cities in the U.S. for tech talent, based on metrics such as rental costs for employees and companies, as well as available tech talent and outlook for jobs.  According to the report, Denver has the third highest concentration of tech workers in the entire country, many of them working for startups and companies who have been formed within the last five years.

Tech talent is attracted to the opportunities available in Denver

Much of Denver’s recent growth has been led by startups and small tech companies but larger firms such as Amazon, Google, and Apple have recently opened locations in the Denver area as well. As a result Denver has moved even higher on the list for both graduates and experienced tech talent looking for the next location to grow their careers.


Denver is attractive for tech talent in search of opportunities, and the businesses who want to hire them because, as Cushman & Wakefield noted in a recent industry report, Denver is a “tech stew involving "local universities, capital, tech workers, knowledge workers, educated workers, and entrepreneurial spirit." In Cushman’s report, Denver was listed as eighth in the country for “talent, capital and growth opportunity." Steve Billigimeier, executive managing director of Cushman & Wakefield in Denver, noted "in addition to Colorado’s impressive list of colleges and universities, Denver continues to draw employees from across the country and finished first in Forbes’ 2015 and 2016 ‘Best Places for Business’ list”

Parker - a center for tech talent and growth

Located just 30 minutes on the light rail from the Central Business District, 15 minutes from the Denver Tech Center and 30 minutes from 200 daily direct non-stop flights at Denver International Airport (DEN), Parker is ideally situated. Parker offers easy access to the technology ecosystem, capital markets, and pool of world-class talent that have resulted in 7 of the 10 Fortune 500 companies who call Denver home locating within 10 miles of Parker.

Want to learn more?

Contact the Town of Parker Economic Development Department to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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