Parker, Colorado - The Perfect Location for Startup Companies

Thursday, August 02, 2018




Colorado is a hotbed of startup activity with more and more entrepreneurs looking for a location where they can start or grow a company, without the high cost of living and working on the east or west coast. 

One such company, Thanx, found that it was difficult to attract top talent who did not want to pay the high cost of living in San Francisco. By opening an office in Denver, they were able to expand their talent pool. For a tech company looking to “change the game for the multi-trillion dollar offline retail industry,” the ability to hire the best possible talent is critical to their mission and growth. Today, Thanx’s  Denver office accounts for 40 percent of their workforce. Bernardo Martinez, Managing Director for Funding Circle U.S., echoed these same sentiments when describing why they chose to locate in Denver. “We considered a lot of different data points to select the best location for our second home in the U.S. Denver is not only a great place to live, but it is a hub for both the financial services and technology industries with a great pipeline of skilled talent.” 

These aren’t the only tech companies leaving the warm California weather behind in search of a more profitable future. Several San Francisco tech companies have made the move including Marketo, Maxar, and Switchfly. Now, Australian company Accelo is joining them and will be bringing 787 new jobs to the Denver area over the next several years. Already, their Colorado headquarters is slated to be larger than their San Francisco one. 

So, why Colorado?

Forbes has listed Colorado as one of the best states to do business noting the low cost of conducting business compared with the national average. Entrepreneurs who have incubated their company on the east or west coast often find the move from an incubator into a permanent location a costly one that can stifle growth or prevent it altogether. Not so in Colorado.

Companies are also moving to Colorado for talent. There is a concentration of young, highly educated workers here. Denver has the third highest concentration of tech workers in the entire country, many of them working for startups and companies who have been formed within the last five years. In fact, throughout the state, there is a new tech company launched every 72 hours. With so many young companies concentrated in one place, there is an energy in Colorado that is directed towards innovation, creativity, entrepreneurism, and growth.  That energy is propelling Colorado companies into the spotlight.

Colorado offers a corporate and personal tax structure that is vastly superior to both coasts and many places in between. Job growth tax credits, manufacturing tax credits, and sales and property tax rebates are just a few of the financial incentives that make Colorado a premier destination for business operations. 

Parker is an Ideal Location for Startups and Young Businesses

For startups and early growth companies, choosing the right community from which to grow is critical. Many such companies choose Parker.

Parker offers easy access to the technology ecosystem, capital markets, and pool of world-class talent that have resulted in 7 of the 10 Fortune 500 companies who call Denver home locating within 10 miles of Parker.  With plenty of room for expansion and growth, Parker may be the next stop for your growing business.

Located just outside of Denver, Parker is a short 30 minutes to Denver International Airport (DEN), and 10 minutes from Centennial Airport, the 2nd busiest general aviation airport in the nation.  With DEN serving 26 international destinations and more than 1,500 direct domestic flights daily, Parker is only minutes away from the transportation necessary to move people and products throughout the world.

Parker has a strong sense of place with year-round outdoor recreational activities and cultural and community events. The result is the charm of a much smaller town and a culture all its’ own. Here, businesses can make a significant impact on the community and feel that they are a part of something bigger – because they are. Business owners who don’t want to get lost in the crowd, those who want to make a difference and impact their community, can do so in Parker.

Here are just a few of our neighbors who have taken advantage of the many benefits Colorado has to offer:

  • Medtronic – continues to grow and produce healthcare related products in Parker distributed worldwide
  • Schwab -- relocated operations from San Francisco to Denver adding 4000 jobs to the local economy
  • ET Investments – a financial/insurance industry software development firm has made Parker home while it services organizations throughout the US
  • Architectural Concepts – engineers, manufactures, and distributes products to the hospitality and commercial construction industry


If you are ready to grow your company in Parker, Colorado, let the professionals at the Town of Parker Economic Development Department assist you and answer any questions you may have. 










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