Reinvest in Downtown Parker

The Parker Authority for Reinvestment (PAR) issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 to identify a Master Developer Team as a partner for Town and PAR-owned land in Downtown Parker. The RFQ process included opportunity for public involvement prior to PAR selecting a Master Developer Partner.  Use the following links access the Master Developer RFQ and the Public Process

Reinvest in Downtown Parker

Master Developer Partner 

The Parker Authority for Reinvestment (PAR) is moving forward with the D4 Urban development team. The public-private partnership will be making decisions based on a mutually satisfactory Exclusive Development Agreement.

D4 Urban CEO, Chris Waggett states, “We are driven to create enduring physical environments that meet the needs of our community, residents, tenants, and investors.  Thoughtful ideation, strategic planning, and focused execution drive our approach to real estate on a daily basis.”

The team, thoughtfully assembled and led by D4 Urban, will put together a cohesive plan for four (4) development areas in Downtown Parker. He and his team will implement a community outreach program over the next six months in order work with PAR and the community to deliver on the Town’s wants and needs.

The Development Team

D4 Urban - Developer and Team Lead

Other Members of the Master Developer team include:

Public Participation

D4 recognizes that successful development requires consistent and comprehensive community engagement. To that end, D4 and Transit Alliance (“TA”) applaud the Town of Parker’s (“TOP”) commitment to the education and engagement of its citizens and encourages the partnership between TOP and/or Parker Authority for Reinvestment (‘PAR”) , as appropriate, with Transit Alliance to deliver a Citizens’ Academy for emerging leaders in the Town. We know from personal experience that the Citizens’ Academy will introduce new ideas to stakeholders and create a groundswell of support.  

Public Engagement Plan

Public Participation

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Project Development Schedule 

The first phase in the development process will be a Master Planning Process for all four parcels. The Master Planning Process is a critical component of the public participation and will occur prior to the final site planning and construction process.  To ensure the future development is successful we will need to hear from the public.  Below is the high level Master Planning schedule and as details are developed the schedule will be updated.  

Project Development Schedule

Project Updates

Project News

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