PAR Grants

In 2011, the Parker Authority for Reinvestment (PAR) budgeted $60,000 to help property owners located in the Parker Central Area make needed improvements. The funds are being awarded through a competitive grant program. The program is divided into 2 cycles, a spring and a fall cycle.

Grant Requests

During the spring cycle, the Authority received 10 qualifying grant requests totaling over $145,000. The Authority had $30,000 available and awarded funding to following 3 properties:

  • 19553-19571 E. Mainstreet (Mainstreet Flower and Parker Panache). PAR helped fund repairs to damaged detailing, replacement of a set of doors and repainting portions of the building to the same existing color. This project is complete.
  • 19402 E. Mainstreet (Metro Brokers and Poor Richards Books). PAR helped fund the replacement of the wood roof on the building with a metal tile roof material. This project is complete.
  • 19420 E. Mainstreet (The Warhorse Inn). PAR helped fund a new patio fencing along Mainstreet to enliven the street. This project has not been constructed yet.

The opportunity to apply for the 2011 Grant Program has closed. The Authority is currently reviewing the fall grant submittals.

PAR Grant Update

Program funding has been exhausted. There are no applications being taken currently. Please check back for updates.

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