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Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

The Town of Parker has entered into an agreement with Innovation Pavilion (IP) to expand IP’s model for economic development to Parker. IP serves as a business incubator focused on marketplace innovation and entrepreneurship. The IP expansion will grow alongside Parker’s current projects and help the Town to become a healthier place to live, play, and work.
The new partnership demonstrates Parker’s commitment to advancing economic opportunities and quality of life for its citizens. Parker and IP will work closely with local corporations to explore ways to make employees happier, more productive, and more secure. The partnership will also seek to bring increased business investment and high-quality job opportunities to the community.

IP currently operates out of an 80,000 sq. foot facility in Centennial, Colorado. This facility hosts over 500 meetings and events per year that foster innovation and business growth. This agreement with IP begins the process of expanding its Centennial model into Parker. Further steps to be taken include convening the business community to identify market opportunities and opening a physical space for IP to operate within Parker.

About Innovation Pavilion 

Innovation Pavilion is an environment which fosters the growth of entrepreneurial ideas and helps high growth companies reach their potential. The eco-system consists of flexible real estate options, mentor-ship programs, service provider contacts, corporate relations and structured funding programs. One of the most valuable aspects of being at IP is sharing a space filled with entrepreneurs eager to exchange ideas and create collaborative efforts through productive collisions.
The Idea:
Innovation Pavilion is the product of over five years of global incubator research by founder Vic Ahmed, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup visionary. IP borrows best practices from around the country to create an incubator model based on national best practices. Future:
Innovation Pavilion will launch ten additional locations over the coming years in cities across America. Each building will replicate the existing model that calls for critical mass to create productive collisions. Members of this critical mass include entrepreneurs, startups, mentors, executives-in-transition, high growth companies, corporations, entrepreneurial & tech organizations, and economic development, and academic and government organizations.
Innovative business ideas emerge in a dynamic setting that not only nourishes individual growth but allows for economic sustainability. To start a business and then survive in the larger economic environment depends on the immediate ecosystem in which ideas are formed. Innovation Pavilion is one of those ecosystems where driven entrepreneurs in technology, design, and business are in constant confluence with each other.
In addition to its enterprising ecosystem, Innovation Pavilion also offers its members unique value in the following areas:

Access to Funding
After vetting, mentoring, and much preparation, Innovation Pavilion member companies are introduced to a regional and national network of venture capitalists and angel investors.

Office Space
Innovation Pavilion is an 80,000 s.f. facility equipped with lounge space, co-working, bullpens, offices and suites. Membership includes access to shared conference rooms, wireless internet, and flexible leasing terms that do not require personal recourse.

Productive Collisions
Innovation Pavilion members interact with the influx of monthly visitors and fellow member companies. Under these circumstances, unexpected meetings can lead to dynamic and enduring partnerships.

Corporate Relations
Innovation Pavilion partners with Fortune 500 companies looking to ‘outsource innovation’. Member companies are vetted & filtered then introduced to these corporations.

Service Providers
Innovation Pavilion members have access to an extensive menu of vetted service providers to outsource non-core business operations. These service providers offer exclusive packages to member companies while giving them valuable time to channel their strengths.
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